Growth Pilots Has Been Acquired by Wpromote!

Today I’m beyond excited to share that Growth Pilots has been acquired by Wpromote! Wpromote is a leading digital marketing agency that helps brands “Think Like A Challenger”. Headquartered in Los Angeles with seven offices throughout the country, Wpromote’s team of 400+ specializes in earned & owned media, digital intelligence, and paid media including programmatic and Amazon marketing. Some of Wpromote’s Challenger Brands include Frontier Airlines, The Honest Company, Samsung, and BevMo.

I started Growth Pilots in 2014 with the mission of helping startups and high-growth companies achieve success with paid marketing. There was (and still are) so many companies who don’t have the time, experience, or knowledge to properly leverage paid marketing to its full extent. I saw this firsthand amongst my extended network of startup founders in San Francisco and I knew there was a big opportunity to help.

The digital advertising agency model is generally not conducive to working with high-growth companies, who require significantly more time and attention given the pace they operate at and the aggressive goals they must achieve. Agencies don’t really understand startups and their growth trajectories, so they treat them like a typical client and this is where things fall apart. Growth Pilots was founded to solve this dilemma. I was a startup founder myself prior to starting Growth Pilots, so I deeply understood the level of dedication and hustle required to inch towards each milestone.

I’m very proud, and confident, in saying that over the past five years, we have established a reputation for being one of the only performance marketing agencies who truly understand how to help startups successfully leverage and scale paid acquisition at each stage of their lifecycle. We have worked closely with 100+ startups across numerous verticals over the past five years, including several category leaders like Instacart, Gusto, Betterment, and Glassdoor.

But our work is just getting started and I genuinely mean that. As a founder, it’s always difficult to determine the right time to sell your company. In the back of my mind, I always told myself that if I ever came across an agency who had a “platform” that would allow us to bring our unique insights about high-growth startups to the table and create a force-multiplying impact for our clients, I would be willing to consider a partnership.

Over the past few years, we’ve had multiple organic conversations to determine if we could find such a partnership. Earlier this year, the timing and fit level lined up perfectly with Wpromote and we embarked on outlining what the ideal partnership would look like. I very much admire and relate to Wpromote’s “Challenger” mindset. This naturally fits with our focus on helping high-growth startups become category leaders. I am thrilled that we have found a partner who shares so many core values – especially when it comes to achieving client success.

Through this acquisition, we are combining our intimate understanding of high-growth companies with Wpromote’s expansive resources and full range of service offerings. This will allow us to help our clients accelerate growth across every dimension and channel. Our goal is to help cultivate and grow the next wave of category-leading companies. Time to get started.