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What Do YouTube’s TrueView for Action Updates Mean for Marketers?

Video has played an increasingly important role in the life of digital marketers over the past few years. As digital marketers have become more familiar with in-stream video advertising, new insights and opportunities have emerged. YouTube has been the mainstream platform of choice for in-stream online video advertising, but Facebook…

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Everything You Need To Know About the New Facebook Stories Ads

Almost every social media platform has some variation of the “stories” feature now. Facebook Stories are full screen photo and video content posted separately from a user’s News Feed. They vanish after 24 hours and are formatted by scrolling left to right, instead of the traditional downward scroll that is…

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Recap and Perspective of Google Marketing Live 2018

Advertisers far and wide gathered at Google Marketing Live in San Jose, CA last week to hear about all the new features rolling out in Google’s suite of marketing tools. We’ve put together this recap of everything announced at this year’s event. We’ve had a week to digest everything and…

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