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We partner with leading high-growth companies as an extension of their marketing team to help achieve efficiency, scale and ROI from paid marketing channels
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What We Do

We Have Deep Expertise Across Search And Social Paid Advertising Channels

Core Principles of Growth Pilots

  • Results or Nothing

    We exist to help our clients achieve their results and we stop at nothing to do so.

  • Quality Over Quantity

    We are extremely selective about the clients we partner with. This allows us to maintain the highest level of quality and performance.

  • True Transparency

    Ultimately all of the data and learnings we generate belong to our clients and we proactively share this information.

Our Methodology is Based on Constant Learning and Millions of Dollars Spent

  • Goal Development Our first order of business is always to understand the goals of each client. We often assist in co-developing goals to ensure the focus is on end-offunnel metrics like ROAS and ROI instead of vanity metrics like registration CPA or mobile app CPI.
  • Client Deep-Dive Once we have clear goals established, we dive deep to understand the business, its unit economics, and the target audience profiles. These elements allow us to shape the foundation of a results-focused strategy.
  • Industry Research Once we understand the business, we take a step back to understand the industry in and out. We analyze the competitive landscape and take cues from what competitors are doing to get a complete perspective of the market.
  • Strategy Development We combine the data we've gathered with the experience of our elite account team to determine which channels to leverage and how to reach the target audience profitably and at scale within each channel.
  • Creative and landing page guidance Telling a relevant and consistent story from impression to conversion leads to better results throughout the conversion funnel. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to help them develop the right combination of creatives and landing pages for each target audience segment.
  • Account build out With the research and strategy in place, we map and build out a scalable account structure that allows for granular optimization and continuous expansion. Our accounts are large and complex – by design. We utilize segmentation wherever possible to take advantage of performance differences across audience segments.
  • Programmatic optimization Optimizing bids, creatives, and budgets are key to achieving results in paid acquisition. We have developed a number of proprietary software tools that allow us to employ programmatic optimization and maximize results. We heavily leverage technology and automation where it makes sense, but it's important to point out that our tools complement, not replace, our account team.
  • Intelligent expansion and experimentation We don’t believe in cruising. Once we have an account achieving performance goals, we aggressively pursue expansion opportunities based on performance and insights gained from managing the account. We prioritize experiments by assessing potential success and scale.
  • Comprehensive reporting We provide clear and transparent performance reports each week. We spend a large amount of time creating and analyzing reports internally, and we love to share as much data as our clients would like. We are more than happy to accommodate any custom reporting requests.
  • ongoing support and communication We position ourselves as an extension of our clients' marketing teams as opposed to the typical disconnected agency. This allows us to get further involved with each client and lend our expertise wherever needed. Our account team is in frequent communication and holds regular calls with each client to review results and discuss strategy.

About Growth Pilots

Soso Sazesh, Founder and CEO
Soso started Growth Pilots in response to constantly coming across companies that were struggling to figure out their paid acquisition channels. Some worked with agencies that couldn’t meet the heavy demands required to make paid channels work for high-growth companies; some tried to manage their paid channels internally but lacked the time and expertise needed to get results. He knew there were a lot of frustrated companies out there and he saw an opportunity to create a different kind of agency that catered to high-growth companies that need more than just someone passively looking after their accounts – they need a dedicated partner who will stop at nothing to achieve results. Fast forward to today and Growth Pilots has become that trusted partner.

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